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With its perfect balance of power, style, and efficiency, the Tifgalop e-scooter takes freight hauling and commuting to a whole new level. Every ride is an adventure.

Tifgalop scooters are the best option for riders who care about the environment because of their strong features, unique design, and eco-friendliness.

They revolutionise your commute with their harmonious blend of power and elegance, setting a new benchmark for city and trail riding!

Discover the ideal balance of power, style, and efficiency for an exhilarating ride that will transform your commute with electric.

Best e-scooter ever! Use Tifgalop e-scooter to experience a harmonious mix of power, style, and efficiency that turns every ride into an adventure.

The Tifgalop ebike is the pinnacle of power, style, and efficiency, guaranteeing that every ride is an adventure. Unleash a new era of commuting and freight versatility with it.

The Tifgalop T88 Plus is a commuter and exploration bike that will revolutionise the way you ride every day. It provides a thrilling and seamless ride.

The Tifgalop e-bike is your pass to a more eco-friendly, quick, and thrilling commute. Prepare to explore the city and beyond with this cutting-edge vehicle.

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My husbandBrian Vialesent me this link and I bought one!! I can NOT say enough about this electric scooter!!!! It’s fast, the battery lasts FOREVER! It has an insane weight capacity, it has a seat so you can sit or stand while riding. It comes withtwo chargers. They also gave me a FREE gear bag, bike lock and cell phone holder! We have put a couple hundred miles on it already in the first few weeks. I HIGHLY recommend this product!! It’s literally the funnest piece of equipment I’ve ever owned!Thank youTifgalop USAfor a great electric scooter!!!

Valerie Lynn Richards

Thanks to Tifgalop for helping me

I have the T108 and I love it.. I'm disabled and use it to get around places that I couldn't access anymore. I'm 6'1 and 260 lb. The power pulls me right up hills and can do 35mph, it's pretty unbelievable. The suspension and the seat with the built in shock, Absorb very Well and is easier on my back then conventional scooters with no suspension.. I am not sponsored by this product but I do tell everybody about it .. It really is a good product.

Robert Ellis

Tifgalop K8 super scooter.

All around there are none things of the scooter I dislike. I loved this scooter a whole lot from design to the power. I rode about 10 miles yesterday with very steep hills with no problems with this Scooter the power is outstanding very stable at high speed.Outstanding customer services if I could I would give the 10 stars. Over all I’m very happy with the purchase and the product. THANH-YOU.


Commands respect. Thrilling. A little terrifying.

Let me be clear; I love this beast. It has earned the moniker ‘Mad Max,’ by someone close to me and who is smarter than me. It is incredibly fun and exciting to ride. I’m telling you this, as someone who’s free-fall skydived and who’s been to all the lower 48 on a Harley. Alone. Never trailered it anywhere. This scooter is fantastic.



I am very happy with this scooter. IT is well made and has plenty of power. Since it folds up, it is easy to transport. Customer Service was very helpful and helped me solve my proble


Really really fast

I live in LA by downtown so little scary. If you’re looking for a scooter fast as heck and goes the distance for a long trip this is your scooter; when you have it on full throttle you feel your body pull back and off you go

Edward Walther

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